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how to thrive not just survive


While you're still pregnant, proactively create the plan to ease your transition: physically, emotionally, mentally and interpersonally.

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The Beyond the Birth workshop:

  • Broadens and deepens your support network.

  • Ensures you fully heal from pregnancy and birth.

  • Helps you experience a gentler transition.

  • Connects you with helpful, local birth-healing resources.

  • Gives you access our exclusive 4th trimester support plan library and recipe booklet and

  • Opens the door to exclusive discounts. 


When should I take my workshop?

As soon as you are feeling well. Ideally, you complete the workshop by your 36th week of pregnancy to give you time to productively nest.

Who should register for the Beyond the Birth workshop?

First-time or parents-who-are-expecting-again who: 

  • want to be more informed and prepared for the next chapter of life, or

  • are hoping to avoid experiencing perinatal mood challenges, or

  • are interested in developing deep connections with other expectant families.