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Support in Many Forms



4th Trimester Planning

Expecting?  Create a 4th trimester support plan to THRIVE! Register for the "Beyond the Birth" workshop or request one-on-one coaching.


Parental Leave Coaching

Preparing for leave? or Ready to return? Do it with confidence. equipped with the tools you need to adapt and succeed.


Peer Support

Feeling a bit wobbly? You are not alone! Let's connect, explore helpful resources and bring hope during this challenging time of life.

Coming Soon

Meet Your Coach

Elizabeth Wood

Mother. Wife. Veteran. Physicist. Athlete. Activist.


I'm on a mission to empower women during their transition to motherhood (aka their Matrescence). 


Feel Confident with a Firm Foundation for Parenthood.

4th Trimester Plan Framework

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


No need to start from scratch! Learn the eight elements of 4th trimester planning, explore various 4th trimester plan layouts in our library, and select the one that fits your family best. Build your support team and get everyone on the same page while, most importantly, your partner will FEEL confident about how to be supportive and actively involved.

Healing Treatment

“The first 40 days after birth will impact the next 40 years of a woman’s life.”

- Ayurvedic Belief

 Whether you choose a vaginal or “belly” birth (c-section), everybody benefits from a recovery regime that meets their specific needs. Create a firm foundation for long-term health through robust healing treatments. Trust me, these aren't the standard options you're used to hearing about. Clients always report just how amazing they feel and how well they work!

Mental Health

“Postpartum depression/anxiety is the #1 complication of pregnancy”


Motherhood brings on all the feels and that's okay! Let's break down the stigma and be real. Did you know the #1 preventative factor for maternal mental health conditions is SOCIAL SUPPORT  (which is exactly what you’re doing when you create a 4th trimester plan!). You don't just have to wait and see if you experience maternal mood challenges, there are ways to reduce your risk factors!

Food & Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine...”


Growing a baby (and possibly breastfeeding) takes a lot out of a person. Prevent postnatal depletion by leveraging the right blend of nourishing, nutrient dense food and create a firm foundation for your healing. Additionally, ease the overwhelm finding the prenatal vitamin to compliment your style of eating. We got you!

Community Support

“In communities where you see more support, there is less depression.”

-Ariel Gore

Getting clear on your needs as well as broadening and deepening your support network can make the world of difference during your 4th trimester. Set and communicate clear boundaries. Learn how to ask others to show up in helpful ways while overcoming the hang ups that so many of us have around asking for help.


“You birthed a baby, and you birthed yourself into a new phase of life. There is no more pronounced shift in body, mind, and spirit than becoming a mother.”

-Kimberly Ann Johnson

Navigate the coming together of all the different facets of life. Topics like adding another child and shifting the family dynamic all the way to parental leave and your personal transition within self all come into play. We address the "messing in the middle" as we call it, making the integration from your life prebaby to post as seamless and beautiful as you could ever hope.

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